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2016 Stamp Issues

Commemorative Issue 201601 - Supporting the Polish Underground Government

RC 201604 - Polish Underground Government

This issue is dedicated to the courageous Polish nation, resisting authoritarian rule during much of their history. After parliamentary elections on 2015.10.25, PIS, a national-authoritarian party, with 37% of the votes, gained an absolute majority in the Sejm, the Polish parliament, due to the first-past-the-post voting system. This enabled PIS to start converting the democratic system to an authoritarian one, by attacking the Supreme Court and by suppressing the opposition both in the Sejm and in society.

The people and government of the Republic of Capricornia are shocked by the open disdain for democracy and intellectual culture displayed by the new Polish rulers, fully in line with the current wave of populist authoritarism all over the world. We believe the people of Poland have got enough experience with tyranny and suppression to find a way to peacefully resist. As PIS is clearly breaking legality, its government is no longer constitutional, and an underground government becomes a possibility or even necessity. This government, if it exists or will exist, has formally been recognized by the Federated Micronations on 2016.01.21.

Issued on 2016.04.28, the stamp shows the Polish freedom hero Tadeusz Kościuszko, the Polish flag, a reference to the recognition of the Underground Government, and the Polish and English text "Za naszą i waszą wolność" - "For Our Freedom and Yours". This line has been used, in the variant "For Your Freedom and Ours", in various Capricornian stamp issues.

  • Printed on matt paper with smooth invisible gum
  • Line perforation
  • Issued in April 2016
  • Valid indefinitely until further notice.
  • Order Number RC201601 - single stamp (CW 2.00)

Commemorative Issue 201602 - Christmas 2016

RC 201612 - Christmas

Together with Posta tal Musograd and the CPEA - FNT service, Capricornia Post issued a Christmas stamp in 2016. The stamp shows a "Herrnhuter Stern", lighted from the inside, with a black background. Most Capricornians follow the tradition of celebrating Christmas with lights, good food and festivities at the time of the year when the days are short and the nostalgia strong for the bright lands of Australia, known as "Hause" in the patois of the Redfeet, the returned settlers.

  • Printed on matt paper with smooth invisible gum
  • Line perforation
  • Issued in December 2016
  • Valid indefinitely until further notice
  • Order Number RC201602 - single stamp (CW 1.00)