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2019 Stamp Issues

Commemorative Issue 201901 - Midnight Oil Gelsenkirchen Concert

RC 201907 - Commemorative issue - Midnight Oil Gelsenkirchen Concert

The rock band "Midnight Oil" has had much influence on the Republic of Capricornia, not the least on its name, which is also the name of the last album of that band before it disbanded in 2002. It is really strange, therefore, that the authorities of the Republic completely overlooked the fact that the band had re-formed in 2017 and even made a world tour which led them to Balangrad City in that year. Another tour in 2019 was not overlooked, though. Although the band also performed at a concert in a suburb of Musograd City, the RC delegation let by the Postmaster General decided to visit the concert at Gelsenkirchen, a relatively poor city in an industrial region of western FRG, which took place on 2019.07.13. During their final international tour in 2022, the band also gave a concert in Balangrad City. Unluckily the Postmaster General was not able to attend the concert, due to an untimely intervention of the Corona virus.

The se-tenant stamp issue shows the concert venue, the Amphitheater at Gelsenkirchen (left stamp) and the most famous landmark of the city, an impressive rope bridge at the entrance of the theatre (right stamp). P.Garrett, the lead singer of the band, is displayed on both stamps. The stamp graphics was processed with AI technology.

  • Printed on matt paper with smooth invisible gum
  • Line perforation
  • Issued in July 2019
  • Valid indefinitely until further notice
  • Order Number RC201901 - se tenant pair (CW 4.00)