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2020 Stamp Issues

Commemorative Issue 202001 - Solidarity with Belarus and Hong Kong

RC 202008 - Commemorative issue - Solidarity with Belarus and Hong Kong

The Federated Micronations have unilaterally recognized the Belarusian Democratic Republic in 2011 and the Republic of Hong Kong in 2017 and now call for democracy and freedom in both countries.

The Belarusian Democratic Republic is represented by its government in exile which held up the Belarusian flag during the Soviet occupation and continues to do so as the Republic Belarus is ruled by the Lukashenka dictatorship under the shadow of Russia. The presidential elections in the Republic Belarus on 2020.08.09 might become a turning point, with the joint opposition candidate S.Tsikhanouskaya having strong support according to underground polls. President Lukashenka might have to turn to violence to remain in power. But even if he lost and conceded, the risk is high that Belarus' neighbour Russia might intervene, leading to a war of resistance.

Hong Kong has lost its autonomy in 2020, when the PRC forced the city to adopt a draconian Security Law stifling free expression and threatening the personal freedom of activists. A strong minority of dissidents advocates the Independence of Hong Kong - they argue that a free Hong Kong within an authoritarian Chinese mainland is not tenable and that a city state is viable, as the successful (if not fully democratic) example of Singapore proves.

The two stamps both show demonstrating people, stylised on the basis of photos (Creative Commons based, sources documented in the info line). The revolutionary flag of Hong Kong (the "Black Bauhinia") and the flag of the Belarusian Democratic Republic (for some years after 1991 also the flag of the Republic Belarus) are shown on the left side of the stamps. The two stamps were issued in the traditional double sheet format, resulting in se tenant pairs.

  • Printed on matt paper with smooth invisible gum
  • Line perforation
  • Issued on 2020.08.03
  • Valid indefinitely until further notice
  • Order Number RC202001 - Two single stamps (CW 3.00)
  • Order Number RC202001ST - Se tenant pair of the two stamps (CW 6.00, with CW 3.00 donated to the Solidarity Funds)

Commemorative Issue 202002 - Ronnie James Dio

RC 202012 - Commemorative issue - Ronnie James Dio

On 2020.06.04, Deutsche Post issued a postage stamp dedicated to Katharina Kasper , the founder of a Catholic women's association in the 19th century, recently canonized. The stamp displays a religious quote, suggesting a theocratic rule of God's will, which does not really fit into modern Germany's thinking and of course contradicts their Constitution. Although the F.M. do not have diplomatic relationships with the Federal Republic of Germany, there are strong connections, and any critical developments in the FRG are keenly observed.

Thus it was felt it is necessary to provide a kind of equilibriating comment to this stamp issue.The tenth anniversary of the demise of Ronnie James Dio, hard rock hero and popularizer of the "Metal Horns", provided that opportunity by dedicating a stamp to his memory. The layout of the stamp was "borrowed" from the Deutsche Post issue, with only the dull grey colour of the original portrait replaced by a full colour portrait drawing of the artist, together with a quasi religious semi-quote from one of his most famous songs.

All international sales proceeds of this issue will be donated to the Dio Cancer Fund .

  • Printed on matt paper with smooth invisible gum
  • Fixed comb perforation in sheets of 3x5 stamps
  • Issued on 2020.12.06
  • Valid indefinitely until further notice
  • Order Number RC202002 - Single stamp with attached coloured border (CW 1.55)