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2022 Stamp Issues

Sea Mail Issue 202201 - Refugee and Migration Ships

RC202201 - Sea Mail - Refugee Ships

This series is designed to cover surface mail fees for goods shipments. For international shipments, this generally means sea mail. As motives, 6 ships with historic roles in transporting refugees, migrants and detainees were selected. Three double sheets with se tenant pairs were issued, combining the CW 0.85 / 1.35, the CW 1.95 / 2.25 and the CW 4.45 / 6.25 stamps. Due to the traditional double sheet format, gutter pairs with two different stamps linked by a bridge field are available at a 50% surcharge.

All philatelic sales proceeds of this series will be donated to the Sea Watch organisation which is dedicated to save shipwrecked refugees on the Mediterranean.

Stamp with sheet border

  • CW 0.85: The Exodus 1947 is the most famous one of the ships carrying Jewish emigrants to then British Palestine. The history of its journey to Palestine is the basis of the novel "Exodus" by Leon Uris and of a movie and a documentary.
  • CW 1.35: The HMT Empire Windrush became famous through its role in carrying the first postwar Caribbean immigrants to the UK, and then indirectly through the "Windrush Scandal" when, many decades later, some of those immigrants were expelled from the UK because of lack of correct papers. But the history of the ship is even deeper entangled with refugees as, under its original name "Monte Rosa", as a German ship, it carried about 5000 German refugees from Gdynia to Copenhagen.
  • CW 1.95: The SS Hansa / SS Albert Ballin was a German ship designed for the Transatlantic line. Originally it was named "Albert Ballin" for the director of the Hamburg America Line (HAPAG) who is regarded to be the inventor of shipping cruises, honoured by a German stamp in 1957. Renamed "Hansa" by the Nazi government because Ballin was a Jew, and used to transport German refugees from the east, the ship left Gdynia on 1945.01.30 together with the ship "Wilhelm Gustloff" . Due to a defect, it had to stop its journey for some days. The Gustloff, steaming ahead, was sunk by a torpedo, with the highest loss of life in navigation history. The father of the Postmaster General of Capricornia Post actually was a passenger of the "Hansa" on this journey, although he would have much preferred the larger and more spectacular "Gustloff".
  • CW 2.25: The SS Montevideo Maru was a Japanese ship designed for trans-Pacific travel. In 1942, it was used by the Japanese to transport military and civilian prisoners of war from Rabaul to Japan. On that journey, it was attacked by an American submarine and sunk, with a loss of more than 1100 lifes. For Australia, it was the largest maritime catastrophe in history, with 1054 drowned Australians.
  • CW 4.45: The Cap Anamur II was one of three ships used by the Cap Anamur organisation to rescue Vietnamese "boat people" who were fleeing the country on small boats. The whole campaign saved around 10'000 people. The ship was only used for a short period in summer 1986.
  • CW 6.25: The Sea Watch 4 is a former German research vessel which since summer 2020 is being used to rescue shipwrecked migrants in the Mediterranean. It is supported not only by the Sea Watch organisation, but also by the Evangelical church in Germany and many other organisations within the "United4Rescue" alliance.
Refugee Ships - se tenant

  • Printed on matt paper with smooth invisible gum
  • Kyocera printing system
  • Line perforation
  • Issued on 2022.02.02
  • Valid indefinitely until further notice
  • Order Number RC202201 - full set of 6 stamps (CW 17.10)
  • Order Number RC202201GP - 3 gutter pairs (CW 25.65)

Surcharge Issue 202202 - Defense of Ukraine

RC202202 - Defense of Ukraine

In 2008, the then independent Republic of Capricornia unilaterally recognized Ukraine, together with Georgia, as our state department predicted a Russian aggression against Ukraine before 2017, to occupy Crimea, Donbas and the Azov coast regions. At the time, a stamp and a miniature sheet were issued by Capricornia Post , documenting the recognition.

Sadly, the prediction came true, first in 2014 and then at the start of 2022. By end of 2022, Russian troops are occupying roughly those areas predicted in 2008 by the state department experts. As a member of the Federated Micronations, Capricornia fully supports Ukraine in its war for freedom. Capricornia Post has issued a surcharge issue to collect funds for the "Dronation Project" , supplying the Ukrainian Army with small drones. For local sales, the surcharge of CW 0.75 will be donated to the project, and for international philatelic sales, the whole stamp value including surcharge (CW 3.00) will be donated.

International collectors may also donate directly to the Ukrainian "Dronation" project in € or US$ - if you are able to prove the transfer of US$ 30 / 30€ or more via a bank transfer document (PDF or similar) to the project, we will send you a full sheetlet containing 8 stamps plus an original Ukrainian miniature sheet from the surplus stock of the State Philatelic Collection free of charge (shipping included, valid as long as stocks last)!

The stamp design shows a stylized "Gepard" anti-aircraft tank, a number of which were donated to Ukraine by Germany, in front of the Ukrainian flag. It was issued in small sheets containing 2x4 stamps. On the top and bottom margins, the Ukrainian flag is depicted.

  • Printed on matt paper with smooth invisible gum
  • Kyocera printing system
  • Line perforation
  • Issued on 2022.12.09
  • Valid indefinitely until further notice
  • Order Number RC202202 - single stamp with margins field (CW 3.00)
  • Order Number RC202202MS - sheetlet of 8 stamps (CW 24.00)