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2012 Stamp Issues

Commemorative Issue 201201 - Southern Territories Day

RC 201203 - Southern Territories Day

This issue celebrates the Southern Territories Day on 2012-03-09. On this date, the Hellenic Republic defaulted against bonds owned by institutions and citizens of the Federated Micronations. In an immediate reaction, the FM founded the Provisional Agency for the Collateral Hellenic Territories. The Republic of Capricornia assumed a leading role in this process due to its active foreign policy. Capricornia Post acquired the right to supply postal services to the CHT. This issue therefore can be seen as a precursor to the CHT and Mediterranean Services stamps issued since 2015.

The stamp displays a sunset view of a Mediterranean landscape photographed on Cyprus.

  • Printed on matt paper with smooth invisible gum
  • Line perforation
  • Issued in March 2012
  • Valid indefinitely until further notice.
  • Order Number RC201201 - single stamp (CW 1.50)