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Stamp Orders

All stamps issued by Capricornia Post which are denominated in Common Wallaroo (CW) can be ordered internationally through the philately department (stamps@capricornia.eu) at face value, plus a handling and shipping fee of CW 5. For registered shipping, CW 3.50 have to be added.

Earlier, now invalid stamps, issued before the introduction of the CW on 2008.08.01 and denominated either in Capricornian Florint (CFL) or Capricornian Shillings (CSH) can also be ordered, at a price of CW 1.00 per single stamp and 4.00 per miniature sheet. All offers valid only as long as stocks last.

All valid stamps can be ordered mint or cancelled, with dated cancellations from Strahan or Balangrad City, or the respective Agency cancellations. Cancelled FNT stamps can only be supplied via the FNT Agency post master.

Stamps issued before the CW introduction 2008 can only be ordered mint.

Export Exchange Rate and Payment

Capricornia Post has been granted a special Export Exchange Rate for payments in US$ and €, with both currently set at CW 1 = US$ 1.00 = 1.00 €. Payment is possible using Paypal and EU Bank Transfer. All export orders shipped to countries outside the Federated Micronations will be handled through yourstamps . Payment is due after receival of the stamps, except for large orders or selected countries, according to the yourstamps terms of service.

Re-importing exported stamps into the F.M. is not allowed. To avoid re-importing issues (the current official exchange rate being CW 1 = 1.25 €), orders above CW 500.- may be subject to restrictions or an adjusted Export Exchange Rate. This does not apply to cancelled or invalid stamps.

Please send any orders via email to stamps (at) capricornia.eu. Gmail users might also contact capricornia.post (at) gmail.com.

Standing Orders

It is possible to make a Standing Order for all Capricornia Post and all CPEA issues, based on Year Sets. Standing Orders will be shipped once a year, usually in January for the stamps of the past year. For this, no shipping or handling charge will be applied.

Last updated: 2022.08.20