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Stamp Issues of Capricornia Post

Capricornia Post has issued stamps regularly since 2006. Each year, only a small number of stamps is issued, sometimes only one stamp. The stamps have a modern design and are often dedicated to current events. They usually show the Capricornian flag, the stylized Southern Cross, sometimes in the official colour, blue, but often also in orange, the colour representing the independence fighters of 2006. The Southern Cross also appears in the logo of Capricornia Post. The letters "FM" present on all Capricornian stamps since October 2010 refer to the Federated Micronations of Musania, of which the Republic of Capricornia is one of the leading nations.

All stamps issued since 2009, plus RC200807, remain valid.

On these pages, all Capricornian stamps are documented, with technical and background information. For all questions not answered here, please contact the Capricornian philatelic services at stamps@capricornia.eu.

Capricornia Postcard

In 2016, Capricornia Post has issued a postcard showing a Capricornian coastal landscape, which can be ordered for 1€ non-stamped or 1.50€ stamped with a current Capricornian stamp and cancelled with an official Capricornian cancellation (add 0.95€ for international forwarding with Deutsche Post).

First Day Covers

In 2022, Capricornia Post has started to issue First Day Covers for Capricornian and Sandy Island issues. Those are numbered and are forwarded to the recipients via Deutsche Post at the day of issue. There is no stock held by Capricornia Post. Please contact Capricornia Post for an offer if you want to regularly receive FDCs of new stamp issues.

Stamp numbering

Please note that the numbering system of Capricornian stamps has been changed in 2022, starting with the prefix "RC" and the year, followed by a two digit counter numbering the stamp sets of a year in order of issue. Order numbers are derived from that set number. Individual stamps can be identified by adding the stamp value (in bits) after a hyphen, plus a letter if multiple stamps have the same value in a set. E.g. the rightmost stamp of the 2019 Midnight Oil issue would have the number RC201901-200b. The numbering of stamps issued through CPEA will be adjusted to this scheme, too.

2022 Year Sets

Capricornia Post 2022 Year Set

Capricornia Post, with their subsidiary CPEA, has prepared a year set covering all Capricornia, FNT, Sandy Island and Baltic Service stamps issued in 2022. It is offered at a price of CW 30 / 15 €, order number is CP-YS-2022.