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2015 Stamp Issues

Commemorative Issue 201501 - Refugee Aid

RC 201510 - Refugee Aid

This issue is a Joint Issue together with Posta tal Musograd, who on 2015-10-30 issued a pair of stamps dedicated to Refugee Aid, both, like this issue, with a surcharge. The Capricornian version of the Joint Issue utilizes the traditional Capricornia Post graphics style, displaying a refugee treck somewhere in Europe. Capricornia Post will transfer the surcharge and all earnings of foreign sales of this stamp to a Refugee support project.

  • Printed on matt paper with smooth invisible gum
  • Line perforation
  • Issued on 2015.10.30
  • Valid indefinitely until further notice.
  • Order Number RC201501 - single stamp (CW 1.00)

_Comment provided by the Public Relations Office of the Republic of Capricornia:_

The current European refugee crisis is requiring a clear positioning and call-to-action by both the F.M. and the Republic of Capricornia. Founded by settlers and migrants, the RC feels a strong relationship with the refugees and immigrants of today. The Republic of Capricornia encourages an active policy to support integration of refugees and immigrants to strengthen our structures for the current and expected political, demographic and ecological crises, on a worldwide, regional and local basis. A high level of discipline on all levels is required by both citizens and immigrants to reach those goals.

The RC supports other regional governments inside and outside the F.M. which also have those common goals. It vows to resist the siren calls of Reactionaries and "Concerned Citizens" who dream of ethnically clean societies.