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2014 Stamp Issues

Commemorative Issue 201401 - 25th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

RC 201406 - 25th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

On 1989-06-04, the "People's Liberation Army" of the People's Republic of China crushed the revolt against one party rule and for democracy by Chinese students, centering around Tiananmen Place in Beijing. Similar to the former German Democratic Republic after 1953-06-17, the Chinese government then focussed on raising the living standards of the population in order to avoid further unrest, and similar to that state, it lives on borrowed time. Ecological and economic crises are rising, and at some point in the future will surely lead to another rebellion, like in the GDR in 1989. Already, worker unrest and ecological and anti-corruption protests are rising.

The RC decided to issue the stamp in summer 2014 to publicly remind of this event and to demonstrate the RC and F.M. will not be forced into submission by any foreign power threatening our freedom, conscious of the fact that economic dependence on partly PRC-owned companies would be on the rise in the subsequent years. The stamp shows the inscription "Tiananmen Square" both in English and in Chinese and the date 1989-06-04 in front of a background showing the masses of protesting students on Tiananmen Square.

  • Printed on matt paper with smooth invisible gum
  • Line perforation
  • Issued in June 2014
  • Valid indefinitely until further notice.
  • Order Number RC201401 - single stamp (CW 2.50)