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2013 Stamp Issues

Commemorative Issue 201301 - Freedom Medal of the Federated Micronations 2011-2013

RC 201307 - Freedom Medal of the Federated Micronations 2011-2013

In the years after 2010, a number of whistleblower scandals rocked the world, showing on one side that several intricate nets of surveillance are watching everyone, and on the other side that it is impossible to keep large scale secrets permanently secret. The 3 heroes who made these facts public knowledge, Julian Assange, Chelsea (then Bradley) Manning and Edward Snowden, paid for their acts with prison and exile.

The "Lifting of the Veils" which took place in these years did not only unmask ugly truths, but also showed that mass surveillance fails when too much data is received which cannot be interpreted any more. This is proven by the fact that the various agencies were not able to stop these and other whistleblowers from making their knowledge public.

Although the F.M. were not knowingly subverted by any agencies, the F.M.D.S. decided to honor these 3 persons with the Freedom Medal of the Federated Micronations. The motto of earlier RC stamps "For Your Freedom and Ours" (T. Koscziusko") was found fitting for the issue and the medal.

Addendum 2016.10.21: The F.M.D.S. has decided to withdraw the Freedom Medal issued to J.Assange as the Wikileaks organisation has obviously agreed to collaborate with the Russian government, currently under F.M. boycott, by publishing documents obtained by Russian agencies. These documents were illegaly obtained from the U.S. Democrats and government authorities and are being used to support the "Manchurian Candidate" D.Trump in his attempt to become President of the United States. Further conferrences of the Freedom Medal are suspended until further notice.

  • Printed on matt paper with smooth invisible gum
  • Line perforation
  • Issued in July 2013
  • Valid indefinitely until further notice.
  • Order Number RC201301 - Miniature sheet (CW 6.00)