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Sandy Island - 2020 issues

Commemorative Issue "Peculiar Animals" - SI-202001

Sandy Island Commemoratives 2020

In 2020, a third Animals series was issued. Due to the global and local situation in late 2020, they were not postally used in 2020. The larger part of their printing run is currently assumed to be lost, but a limited number of these stamps arrived at the CPEA Sandy Island Agency Post Office in December 2021.

The stamps have similar specifications to the 2019 issues and cover the following three designs:

  • 50c Bison
  • 95c Butterfly (similar to the 2019 issue, but with year 2020)
  • 95c "Frog Condominium"

The specifications of these stamps are:

  • Printed on ungummed matt paper
  • Line perforation
  • Designed by F. Vaccarezza
  • Colour laser printing by Chan Hui Shudian Printing S.A., Minaue, Waikoa Island
  • Printed in miniature sheets containing 4 "Bison", 2 "Butterfly" and 4 "Frog" stamps.
  • Printing run 200 stamps (est.)
  • Issue date tbd
  • Values: 0.50 / 0.95 / 0.95 Rs
  • Currently valid
  • Order Number SI-202001 (CW 2.40)
  • Order Number SI-202001ST - set of 3 se-tenant stamps (currently not orderable due to supply restrictions)
  • Order Number SI-202001TB - set of 2 TĂȘte-bĂȘche "Bison" stamps (CW 2.20)
  • Order Number SI-201902MS - minisheet with 10 stamps (currently not orderable due to supply restrictions)