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Sandy Island

Sandy Island Flag

General Information

Sandy Island is a small island in the South Pacific Ocean with a distinguished history . The island was discovered in 1774 by Captain James Cook and sighted in 1876, although at a significantly different location. It was included in many official maps until in 2012, when it was removed from the maps as an Australian government-sponsored expedition claimed the sea depth at its reported position would be not less than 1300m. You can't trust the Australian government, though, as many people have learned in the past, from the Aborigines to the French.

Only a year later, Sandy Island was "rediscovered", with Sandy Island stamps being issued by the renowned Italian philatelist Fabio Vaccarezza, who took up the office of Postmaster of Sandy Island in 2013. Sadly, in 2020, Signore Vaccarezza deceased, leaving the island as an orphan. His philatelic website in Italian is still existing, displaying a number of "virtual" (unissued, to our knowledge) Sandy Island stamps in addition to the issued ones.

As Sandy Island is a member of the International Council of Independent States, ICIS, this organisation asked for applicants to take over sovereignty of the island and to continue its postal service. The representative of the Republic of Capricornia and of Capricornia Post / CPEA applied for this role, and was granted it in early 2021. The official documentation on this was received on 2021.11.02. As of this date, Sandy Island has become a Sovereign Overseas Territory of the Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands, aligned to the Republic of Capricornia. Its postal service is now managed by Capricornia Post Extraterritorial Agencies (CPEA), under Postmaster-General J.Schwarz.

As the island is located somewhere between Nouvelle Caledonie, a French overseas territory, and Australia, its inhabitants are both French- and English-speaking. The French name of the island is Île de Sable. Due to its recent history, it has also an Italian speaking community. Its capital is Mott City. Several small, mostly unsettled, islands in the vicinity of Sandy Island belong to its territory.

The currency of Sandy Island is the Rupee with the subunit Cent. The Rupee is bound to the US$ at a rate of 1:1.

Sandy Island is a member of the General Postal Treaty Organisation, located in New Zealand.

Sandy Island - First Issue 2013 large

Stamp Issues

CPEA plans to issue one series of Commemorative stamps per year, to be printed by Chan Hui Shudian Printing S.A., Waikoa Island, and to issue a series of Definitive stamps, distributed over several years, to be printed by yourstamps . This currently makes it the only territory within the FM which is served by two printing companies.

Stamps issued before 2019 are not valid for postage anymore, while those issued in 2019 will continue to be accepted as valid by CPEA.

All new and also the historic issues of Sandy Island will be documented on this site, and made available through the Philatelic Service of Capricornia Post and selected stamp trading companies. Not all of the historic issues are available at the moment, though. Valid stamps are sold at the nominal value, with an exchange rate of 1 Rupee = US$ 1 = 1€ = 1 CW, and invalid stamps at a price of US$ 2.00 = 2.00 € = CW 2.00 per stamp.

All order prices are given in CW (Common Wallaroo) - please note the official "philatelic export rate" is 1 CW = US$ 1.00 = 1.00 €. These rates are current and were last adjusted on 2022.12.14. Please send any orders via email to stamps (at) capricornia.eu. Gmail users might also contact capricornia.post (at) gmail.com.

Capricornia Post is open to stamp exchange agreements with other Postal Agencies and / or individuals.

Some information on the historic issues is still missing - if you have more information, please provide it to Capricornia Post! We are aware that for 2020, another Animals series has been printed. Samples of these are expected to arrive at Capricornia Post HQ by end of 2021 and will be documented here, too.

Messagio agli amici Italiani di Sig. Vaccarezza - 2021.11.11

Oggi, ho trovato il sito web filatelico di Fabio Vaccarezza, scoprire che veramente é stato un grande filateliste Italiano. L'adozione di Sandy Island da parte di Capricornia Post era una azione dell' rispetto, prima per una piccola isola con tradizione longhe, ma poi anche per un filatelista ed uomo grande. Non ho conosciuto lui personalmente, ma leggendo i suoi parole sull' storiefilateliche.it mi ha impressionato molto. Spero ché è nella suo mente di continuare la tradizione filatelistica di Sandy Island! Naturalmente, vorrei offrire di mandare i francobolli nuovi di Sandy Island ai suoi amichi e famiglia - prego di contattarmi via stamps (_at_) capricornia.eu. Saluti cordiali, J. Schwarz