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Frya Nordland Territories

Located on the North Sea coast, the Frya Nordland Territories are four aligned exterritorial sovereign territories, with the two most important ones located in coastal northern Germany. One of these two territories used to be know as "Fishtown Newport Territory", the other "Freija Nücke Territoria". The FNT are a nascent micronation and have taken up diplomatic activities with several other micronations. Their sovereignty has been recognized by the State Department of the Federated Micronations.

Its official website is http://www.fnt.bernhard-krauth.de/ , where you can find more details on the territory and its stamp issues.

The Postal Service of the FNT is operated as a branch office of the CPEA, with their own postal cancellation stamp and a number of stamp issues. The stamps can only be purchased directly from the FNT postmaster.

First provisional issue of FNT